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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Gazprom prepares for testing of Prirazlomnaya

Prirazlomnoye field development04-21-2009 - BarentsObserver - The Prirazlomnaya platform will be handed over to Gazprom in 2010, after which testing of the ice-protected platform will start in the Barents Sea. The financial crisis has not affected the construction of the Arctic platform, construction yard Zvezdochka maintains. Speaking at a congress in Moscow yesterday, Zvezdochka leader Vladimir Nikitin said that the Prirazlomnaya platform will be handed over to Gazprom in 2010 and that subsequent testing will take place, reports. The Prirazlomnaya platform has since 1998 been under construction in Severodvinsk, Arkhangelsk Oblast. In 2002, operator company Sevmorneftegaz obtained the Hutton TLP, the topsides of which have been included in the project. The platform will be stationed at the field with the same name in the oil-rich Pechora Sea. After several postponements, Gazprom subsidiary Sevmorneftegaz now maintains that the Prirazlomnoye field will be up running in 2011. The field with extractable oil resources of 46 million tons will be Russia’s first Arctic offshore field in production. Maximum annual production will be about 6 million tons. The production period is estimated to 22 years. The field will have bases north in the Nenets Autonomous Okrug, as well as in Arkhangelsk Oblast. The infrastructure of the Prirazlomnoe will form the basis for the development of several adjacent fields.

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