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Monday, April 06, 2009

Gazprom keeps pace in Yamal

The Bovanenkovo project04-06-2009 - BarentsObserver - The difficult financial situation will not result in delays in Gazprom’s Bovanenkovo field in Yamal, a company representative underlines. The huge 4,9 trillion cubic meter gas field will be in production in the first half of 2011, he says. Head of Gazprom subsidiary Gazprom Dobycha Nadym, Sergey Menshikov, says to Sever Press that the Bovanekovo field will be opened according to plans in 2011. He admits however that the difficult financial situation has resulted in minor changes in this year’s field development plans. While the company originally intended to drill 39 wells in the field this year, the revised drilling program reduces the number of wells to 30. Mr. Meshikov still underlines that all project obligations of the company will be completed in time and in accordance with quality demands. Gazprom is currently laying pipelines to the huge gas field. Parts of that 1100 pipeline will run through the Baydarata Bay. Gazprom representatives also confirm to Sever Press that the railway line connecting the Bovanenkovo field with the rest of the Russian railway grid will be completed in January 2010. That will make the energy company significantly facilitate the transport of goods to the project site. The Arctic peninsula of Yamal is top priority for Gazprom. The Bovanenkovo field will alone produce about 115 billion cubic meters of gas per year.

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