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Thursday, October 23, 2008

WesternGeco Announces New Contract with GAZPROM Libya B.V.

WesternGeco ( Oct. 2008 - Your Oil&Gas News - WesternGeco announced today that it has been awarded a major land contract by GAZPROM Libya B.V. The contract is for the acquisition and processing of 3,400 km2 of 3D seismic data over the Ghadames Basin. GAZPROM has selected the WesternGeco Q-Land* high-channel-count, integrated point-receiver acquisition and processing system to acquire the data. Q-Land enables the WesternGeco single sensor technology resulting in effective noise attenuation and improved data quality. GAZPROM has also elected to use Maximum Displacement Sweep (MD Sweep*), a complementary methodology that enables a seismic vibrator to produce more energetic low frequencies than a traditional sweep design approach, to both increase seismic bandwidth and image deeper targets. GAZPROM will utilize the WesternGeco Desert Explorer family of land seismic vibrators. “The age of easy exploration is over and the way ahead will be more challenging as we look to increasingly complex geologies and the need for faster more accurate decision making,” said Wadii El Karkouri, Africa region manager, WesternGeco. “Advanced imaging technologies are essential to reducing uncertainty and mitigating risk. We look forward to working with GAZPROM to help the company meet its operational objectives.” The survey will commence in November, 2008. The data will be processed in the new WesternGeco processing center in Tripoli. The WesternGeco suite of advanced geophysical services includes electromagnetic services and Q-Technology, the world's only single-sensor high-fidelity seismic acquisition-to-inversion platform. For additional information please visit

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