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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Gazprom deputy chief triples stake in gas giant

Ananenkov Alexander GeorgievichRBC, 15.10.2008, Moscow 19:56:31. – Deputy Chairman of the Board of Gazprom, Alexander Ananenkov, has increased his stake in the gas giant 3.1 times, from 0.00211207 to 0.0065474 percent, the company said in a statement. Gazprom learned about the transaction on October 15, 2008. Gazprom's share capital amounts to RUB 118,367,564,500 (approx. USD 4.54bn), and is divided into 23,673,519,900 common shares with a par value of RUB 5 (approx. USD 0.19). Over 50 percent of Gazprom shares are owned by the Russian government. In 2007, Gazprom produced 548.5bn cubic meters of gas, down from 556bn cubic meters a year earlier. The company's net profit under IFRS grew 9.2 percent to RUB 694.98bn (approx. USD 26.64bn).

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