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Friday, September 19, 2008

Putin and Shroder discuss Nord Stream pipeline project

Nord Stream19.09.2008 - [Neftegaz.RU] - Putin, Shroder, who chairs the Nord Stream pipeline project and Alexei Miller, Gazprom chief executive, met on Thursday right a week past U.S. Ambassador to Sweden Michael Wood criticized both Gazprom pipeline project. Wood said in his report that EU must review its energy dependence on Russia and find other ways to get energy sources. In spite of this quite reasonable statements, Shroder defended Nord Stream pipeline project, taking into consideration that 100 million euros ($145 million) had already been invested in an environmental study of the Baltic Sea. As for Gazprom's second project - South Stream - Russian Prime Minister Putin discussed it later that day with Bulgarian Prime Minister Sergei Stanishev. So far both project are to be continued.

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